Jumbo Box Clip - Blond Tortoise

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Located in Atlanta, Georgia, MACHETE is a line of eco-conscious, affordable jewelry & accessories for everyday wear. MACHETE is frequently featured with Vogue, Bazaar, Instyle, Atelier Doré and throughout publications worldwide. The cellulose acetate & bio-acetate they source is high quality and non-petroleum based. Cellulose acetate and bio-acetate are natural and renewable materials, providing an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-based materials. Jennifer J Matchett, Founder, Designer and Creative Director of MACHETE, graduated with a degree in Art History from Gainesville, Florida and currently works alongside her husband and their small team in Atlanta area.

Machete's classic heirloom clip construction supersized for maximum impact! Ultra versatile to style with hair half up, fully up, or partially pulled to the side. Available in Oval and Box shapes. 

The model wears Jumbo Box Clip in Cognac. 

  • Measures: 4.25 by 1.625 inches / 10.8cm by 4cm
  • Italian Acetate
  • Hand-screwed barrette