Lava Amulet - bronze / camelian

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FARIS is a jewellery line that distills complexity into a wearable statement. Designed by Faris Du Graf in Seattle, Washington. FARIS celebrates the space between the levity of play and the gravity of embodiment.  Each collection builds on a vocabulary of bold, sculptural statements that aim to elevate the everyday and the rare occasion. t the heart of her work is the sincere desire to imbue wearers with artfulness and

Everyday magic. This mesmerizing necklace features a gemstone in
a sculptural, molten setting. 18” length ( 45cm) with 15mm round gem.

  • Bronze
  • Handmade in Seattle

      *Care instructions: Bronze and silver naturally oxidize over time. This grey hue, a chemical reaction, can be removed with a metal polish  and a polishing cloth. A bit of lemon juice and baking soda can also work in a pinch. To delay oxidation, keep your FARIS jewellery away from moisture, shower steam, and other water activities. And when you’re not wearing your jewellery, store it in a plastic bag.