Lavender Cord

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Ateljé. It’s Swedish for Atelier and sounds like Atel-YAY!

Which is pretty accurate because these cases will brighten up your day. Or at least your outfit. Ateljé is all about making your life a little easier - and prettier while you'rat it! Have your hands free and your tech protected with their phone cases. (What's that saying again? Keep your friends close and your phone closer?)

Meet Lavender! It’s known for its sweet and soft presence which is perfect to spice up your outfit. This 100% recycled lilac phone cord is a classic with a twist (oooh, we’re swooning over the little pearl detail!). 

*NOTE: this is just a cord, no case included!

**DISCLAIMER: It might happen that the gold hardware may discolor over time, due to the use and wearing of the case. All our products and all hardware (metal parts) are tested for quality and colour fastness by SGS, a global testing company and have been approved by these tests. 

  • The cord is made with 100% recycled nylon
  • Custom pearl detail attached
  • Easy to switch cord with gold toned clips
  • Cord length: 110 cm (so 55 cm on each side of your body).